I’m a Devops and Data Engineer at Pingboard, currently in Western Massachusetts by way of Austin. Occasionally, I write about baseball at 25th Man. You can get in touch with me via GitHub, Twitter, or Email.

Past projects


A container autoscaler for Hashicorp’s Nomad, developed during an internship at Under Armour.


Elixush takes advantage of Elixir and OTP to run evolved programs across multiple nodes in a cluster. It was built as an independent study for the Hampshire College Computational Intelligence Lab, which researches artificial intelligence and genetic programming.

Gorilla REPL

I maintained Gorilla REPL, a notebook-style REPL for Clojure.


I worked on the infrastructure for Uncommon, moving the project over to Docker, experimenting with AWS, and implementing a new continuous integration system.

Losing My Recs

A simple site that gives you a music recommendation from LCD Soundystem’s Losing My Edge.